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Its been a good and bad winter

In February I lost my Bling. He was living at Franktown Meadows and coliced, and we just couldn’t save him.  So I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have him put down.  I miss him terribly, he had so much personality.  My other horses at home are filling the void, so I no longer have a school horse to teach on.  Occasionally I will have people get on Deja or Roxie, but they have to be current students of mine.

On a good note the weather is starting to get better and all of my other horses are getting ready for show season.  I am very excited to start traveling for shows.

Winter has come

So far its been a pretty long and hard winter here in Reno, but I have been able to ride here and there.  The horses are all doing great.  Bling is happily making snow angels at Franktown, Icky is getting her steering down good, Deja is perfecting her piaffe!

I have a couple of new students, which has been a blast, its always fun to get to know new people and help them with their horses.  Can’t wait for shows to start so we can all have more fun with our horses.

Summer is over and now onto Winter





It has been a busy summer.  I have many new clients and we are all training hard and having a blast.  I have made a couple of trip to Osierlea to ride with Jeff, and then I brought Chelsey Sibley to Reno.  I am getting ready for the 2017 show season, and I can’t wait.  I have big plans and super horses!!

Also there is a new addition to the family.  Lopaka!  He is a KWPN-NA colt by UB40 out of Bizou by Ijsselmeer.

June has been a busy month

IMG_2948 IMG_1954 IMG_1080 IMG_3138 IMG_3917 IMG_1168 IMG_1129

June was very busy.  The first weekend was a show at Franktown Meadows.  I showed my school horse Bling in his first show, he tried hard to pay attention and behave, HA.  Sabine and Espe Harmer showed their ponies again, Cassie Johnson showed her mare Gi, and Joan Wright showed Tristan.  Overall everyone did great and had a good time.

The following weekend Amy Robinson, Paula Meckely, Susan Ward, and I headed to Rancho Murieta to show.  WE had a great weekend with super rides and good times.  Amy rode her boy Gondi as practice and had a super time!

Next I took Deja to Osierlea to show her. I got lesson from Jeff Moore and he and I rode a few other horses while I was there.  Then I headed over to Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods and saw all the new babies!

Great Month!

Its been a busy couple of months


I just got back from a show at Starr Vaughn.  Dacquiri was super and won both of his Intermediare 1 classes.  Gondi handled his first show very well, he got a little nervous in the show ring and warm up rings, but he tried his heart out and that is all we can ask.

We are looking forward to a very busy June, with shows every weekend.

Kruiser came home last month, and has settled right into his new digs in Reno.  He is so cute.

Clinics and more

IMG_0397 IMG_0339 IMG_0420 IMG_0284 IMG_0306 IMG_0440 IMG_0422 IMG_0377

It has been a busy couple of months!  Amy, Espe, Sabine, Susan, and I rode in another Brian Hefner clinic.  All horses and riders did super and learned some good stuff for the upcoming show season.

Amy and I traveled to Wellington, FL to watch the 5* CDI, what fun!!  Top coaches from around the world where there, and you have great access to the warmup rings to be able to watch, listen, and learn.

SNC-CDS had its annual awards party.  And we had a lot of fun.

Then a large group of us headed to Osierlea for a ground work symposium!  I was one of the people doing demos, so that was great fun. We all trekked over to Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods when we could to visit the babies as well.

Great start to the New Year


I recently made a weekend trip to Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods to visit Kruiser and see how he is growing.  He is going to be a big fancy boy!!  I will be bringing him home to Reno this year in June, along with Allison Brunelli’s colt Kjartan.  It will be fun to have the two boys at the house and watch then grow and play.

Training at Franktown Meadows is going great.  Joan moved Tristan to the barn so we can keep working hard all winter and be ready for show season.  I also have Kathy and Tea getting ready for show season as well.  I am also working hard to keep my arena’s at home as dry as possible so  the horses I have there can keep getting worked and stay in shape.

Welcome Kruiser

IMG_2223 Kruiser4

Meet Kruiser!  He is the newest addition to my family of horses!  I arrived at Deborah Harrison’s place 2 days after he was born a fell in love with him instantly!  That day Debby let me name him, and a month later I went down to do videos for her, and I bought him!  He is a very exciting mover, and I can’t wait to see how he grows up.

Welcome Billionair’s Bling Bling

IMG_2183 IMG_2144

I just purchased “Bling” he is a 2006 American Warmblood gelding, color Cremello!  He is pretty green in his training but he is very willing and the perfect size.  He will be my new lesson horse!  Once I get some good muscle on him and teach him a few tricks he will be ready to start teaching people.  He has already giving one of my Junior students Espe a lesson and he was a perfect gentleman!

Had a great time at Championships



Just got home from the CDS Annual Show and Region 7 USDF Championships.  I showed Deja Vu  and Dacquiri in the Prix St George.  I am so proud of both of these young horses!  They are just going to get better and stronger with time, and I am so happy to have 2 more FEI horses in my group of horses!