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Great first show of the year

We had a super first show of the year!  Dacquiri did his first Grand Prix, and he was super, he got a 66% with lots of room for improvement.  I am so proud of him.

Joan Wright and Tristan also did their first Grand Prix together, earning a 60% and their first score toward their Gold Medal.  Again I am very proud of both of them.

Deja and I had a little communication error in the middle of her first Intermediare 2 test, and I excused myself.  But she felt great, and I just need to be more clear for her.  She is an amazing horse.  Can’t wait for the next show.

Its been a busy March

Congratulations to Loye Jaeger on her new horse Gigante, we are very excited to get to know him and move him up the levels.

Congratulations to Susan Ward on her new horse MaJolie, she is a beauty! We are very excited to get her to Reno, she and Susan are going to have a blast together.

The SNC-CDS Chapter had their year end awards, and I am super proud of my horses this year.  Rio Roxie owned by Paula Meckley was Grand Prix Champion.  Dacquiri also owned by Paula Meckley was Intermediare 2 Champion, and my Deja Vu was Prix St George Reserve Champion.

Looking forward to the start of show season this year.

Getting ready for 2018

I just picked my trailer up from 5CR trailers, they installed Equiflex  Flooring into it.  I can’t wait to travel next year, and know my horses are going to have a smoother ride, and dryer area to stand in.  This floor is really cool.  They are really great people to work with!

I am ready for 2018, just hoping the weather doesn’t turn to awful in the next few months, so I can keep training.  My horses feel great and are all in super shape!

Just got home from Championships


I just got home from the USDF Regional Championship and CDS Annual Show.  What a blast.  I took Roxie and Dacquiri and had so much fun riding at championships in the Grand Prix and Intermediare 2.  How exciting, that most of my horses are at the FEI levels now!  Deja qualified in the PSG, but I decided not to take her.  Next year she will go.

Now I look forward to the next show in a couple of weeks, were several of my student will be showing!  Can’t wait.

Its a great start to show season

I just did my first show of the season and it was awesome!  I am so excited to be showing so many amazing and wonderful FEI horses.  I just need to find my finesse in the show ring and sky is the limit!  I have so many talented horses I just have to pinch myself.  Icky is living back at Franktown and she is super happy there with Ashlin riding her for a couple of months.  And Kruiser is growing like a weed, he is almost as big as Deja now and he is only 2 years old.  Oh Boy

Its been a good and bad winter

In February I lost my Bling. He was living at Franktown Meadows and coliced, and we just couldn’t save him.  So I had to make the heart wrenching decision to have him put down.  I miss him terribly, he had so much personality.  My other horses at home are filling the void, so I no longer have a school horse to teach on.  Occasionally I will have people get on Deja or Roxie, but they have to be current students of mine.

On a good note the weather is starting to get better and all of my other horses are getting ready for show season.  I am very excited to start traveling for shows.

Winter has come

So far its been a pretty long and hard winter here in Reno, but I have been able to ride here and there.  The horses are all doing great.  Bling is happily making snow angels at Franktown, Icky is getting her steering down good, Deja is perfecting her piaffe!

I have a couple of new students, which has been a blast, its always fun to get to know new people and help them with their horses.  Can’t wait for shows to start so we can all have more fun with our horses.

Summer is over and now onto Winter





It has been a busy summer.  I have many new clients and we are all training hard and having a blast.  I have made a couple of trip to Osierlea to ride with Jeff, and then I brought Chelsey Sibley to Reno.  I am getting ready for the 2017 show season, and I can’t wait.  I have big plans and super horses!!

Also there is a new addition to the family.  Lopaka!  He is a KWPN-NA colt by UB40 out of Bizou by Ijsselmeer.