Monthly Archives: July 2016

June has been a busy month

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June was very busy.  The first weekend was a show at Franktown Meadows.  I showed my school horse Bling in his first show, he tried hard to pay attention and behave, HA.  Sabine and Espe Harmer showed their ponies again, Cassie Johnson showed her mare Gi, and Joan Wright showed Tristan.  Overall everyone did great and had a good time.

The following weekend Amy Robinson, Paula Meckely, Susan Ward, and I headed to Rancho Murieta to show.  WE had a great weekend with super rides and good times.  Amy rode her boy Gondi as practice and had a super time!

Next I took Deja to Osierlea to show her. I got lesson from Jeff Moore and he and I rode a few other horses while I was there.  Then I headed over to Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods and saw all the new babies!

Great Month!