Monthly Archives: March 2016

Clinics and more

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It has been a busy couple of months!  Amy, Espe, Sabine, Susan, and I rode in another Brian Hefner clinic.  All horses and riders did super and learned some good stuff for the upcoming show season.

Amy and I traveled to Wellington, FL to watch the 5* CDI, what fun!!  Top coaches from around the world where there, and you have great access to the warmup rings to be able to watch, listen, and learn.

SNC-CDS had its annual awards party.  And we had a lot of fun.

Then a large group of us headed to Osierlea for a ground work symposium!  I was one of the people doing demos, so that was great fun. We all trekked over to Lio Lomas Dutch Warmbloods when we could to visit the babies as well.